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Digital Practicioners

About the network Our Erasmus+ KA2 project, Digital Participation: Engaging Diverse and Marginalized Communities Project was devoted to exploring digital tools for supporting adult learners at risk of exclusion, resulted in creation of an international network of organizations interested in exploring digital tools for education. The main aim of this network is to gather experts […]

Digital Participation: using media-based tools for need assessment and project evaluation

Projects based on digital tools are a great, effective way to support and empower adult learners at risk of exclusion. Giving participants the space to express themselves using photography and filmmaking has a visible positive impact on their learning process and self-development. But are workshops the only way to use digital approaches at work with […]

Erasmus+ project Digital Participation: Encouraged to see the beauty in the world

by Signe Sander In February the first local workshops of the Digital Participation project took place in collaboration with the Gallo House, a social café in Aarhus. The participants got a chance to tell their own stories while learning new digital tools. The Gallo House is a café in the Danish city of Aarhus, but […]

Deconstructing Empowerment: How to Support Our Beneficiaries Without Taking the Ownership Away From Them

“Empowerment” has become an extremally popular concept, a buzz-word that appears in the description of almost every educational project that addresses people at risk of exclusion.  Empowering sounds great – hearing it makes us envision our beneficiaries improving their life conditions and becoming happier. But what if we have been using the concept wrong? If […]

Digital Participation: Engaging Diverse and Marginalized Communities

By Katarzyna Kowalska Digital is one of the main challenges European Union is facing. It is a widespread and growing phenomenon that leaves a great number of people not able to benefit from the chances and opportunities that living in digitalized European societies have to offer. Digital is one of the main challenges European Union […]