Digital Practicioners

About the network Our Erasmus+ KA2 project, Digital Participation: Engaging Diverse and Marginalized Communities

Project was devoted to exploring digital tools for supporting adult learners at risk of exclusion, resulted in creation of an international network of organizations interested in exploring digital tools for education. The main aim of this network is to gather experts who specialize in innovative, modern approaches to education that is based on using technologies, mostly media. The network will serve as a spaces for exchanging experiences, developing new ideas and approaches, and strengthening efforts to work on effective, modern ways to prevent social exclusion, providing learners at risk with access to activities that are really based on their needs.

Benefits Benefits from being part of Digital Practitioners Network Access to innovative methodologies

the network gathers experts in the field of education and digital methods who are open to sharing their experiences Online brainstorming sessions – members of our network are meeting regularly to discuss common challenges related to education and explore new approaches to promoting inclusion through digital tools Quality international partnership – our members are experienced in developing and implementing international projects and are open to partner up for Erasmus+ projects (KA1, KA2, and KA3 in the field of youth and adult education) Individual consultations for the Digital Participation online course – Autokreacja Foundation as a leading partner of the network offers the members individual learning consultations that are designed to serve as a complementary learning path for those who are taking our online course for educators

The process, not the product

Participatory media is a very broad term that encompasses many different tools that are based on digital means of expression. Even though in this course we focus only on presenting digital storytelling and participatory photography, you can of course other digital tools, such as podcasts recording or different variations of participatory film making that differ from Berkeley method of storytelling we are using. Whatever approach you decide to follow, keep in mind that all the activities should be based on creating a safe space where participants can express themselves freely without the fear of being judged and without feeling that their stories are not appreciated or valued. The media are just tools for supporting participants’ reflection and enabling them to find new ways to share what is important to them. That is why it is essential to remember that participatory media approach is all about the process, so as organizers and facilitators we should not focus so much on the products, understood as any type of media content produced by participants. It is of course great that participants create something tangible as in most of the cases it gives them tremendous satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment. The key here is not to put pressure on them to create anything professional, technically perfect, or simply flawless. Participatory media workshops should never be focused on participants’ technical skills, although they naturally develop them as they learn how to take photographs, edit videos, or record their voice. The power of the method lays in giving learners freedom to express and talk about their stories in a way that is unique, because its theirs. If you look at it in this way, it becomes less important if your participant’s stories are technically imperfect.

Interested in joining?

what is your experience in using digital tools? what are the methods you specialize in? what kind of projects would like to develop within our network? what are the target groups you work with? what kind of experiences and expertise will you bring to our network? If you would like to become a member of our network and discover the world of digital tools in education,

contact Autokreacja’s coordinator

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Please send a short description of your organization including the following: Once you hear from you and review your application, we will invite you to the introductory network session to discuss more details.