Digital Participation. Engaging Diverse and Marginalised Communities.

Project overview

By the activities foreseen in this project we would like to provide adult learners with innovative yet simple tools that would help them look at digital world from a new perspective and use the resources they have access to (mobilie phones, internet) to improve their life conditions and also contribute to the positive change in the local communities they live in. 

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All the organizations involved in this project work with adults at risk and use various digital methods
as a basis for some of their activities. At the same time all of them expressed the need to promote
participatory approaches and develop a very concrete intellectual output that would help them
convince other stakeholders they cooperate with that digial tools can be successfully used while
working with vulnerable groups.

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Promoting ICT

uptake amongst adult learners at therefore prevent them from permanent social

Raising the professional capacities

of educators and other personnel working with adult learners at risk, especially as for equipping them with practical methodologies that will help them organize activities that are specifically addressing the needs of their target gorups.


an innovative educational output (digitalized training course) as a way of empowering

Final Intellectual Output – Digitalized Training Course

Mixed media materials (videos, photos, podcasts, background texts) on using participatory media methods for enhancing social inclusion of adult learners with fewer opportunities.

Main Stages

Learning Teching Training

Learning Teaching Training

Participants profile: educators and activists experienced in different types of digital tools/participatory media
Aim: sharing the methods and planning the local

Partners Meeting

Partners meeting

summing up the local workshop (testing phase)
planning the work on the intellectual outputs

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Local Workshops

Participants with fewer opportunities will be mainly involved in the workshops on participatory photography and digital storytelling implemented in the testing phase. They will take part in activities that aim at helping them raise their voice about issues that are important for them and thereofore to develop their leadership potential and become changemakers in their respective local communities.
During participatory photography workshops participants will be asked to document and exhibit the challenges existing in their communities along with their potential solutions.

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