Educators in the changing world

Educators in the changing world
Digital tools and innovative approaches based on media have been gaining popularity among educators, both in the formal and non-formal sector. The reason for the shift in the methodologies we are using is directly related to the need of new solutions that became clear during the COVID-19 pandemic, that forced us out of our comfort zone and made us question the effectiveness of the old, known tools.

The course is divided into 5 modules.

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The course is available in four languages: English, Danish, Italian, and Polish. .

Module 1

explains in detail the concept of EMPOWERMENT as understanding it is crucial in order to be able to design educational content that is truly serving the needs of learners.

Module 2

is focused on PARTICIPATORY MEDIA and gives an overview of the methodological assumptions behind it. This module also explains what are the benefits of using media based tools for supporting learners at risk.

Module 3

covers the first of the two main methods on which this course focuses: DIGITAL STORYTELLING, explaining how to start using video making and storytelling in educational projects

Module 4

focuses on the second main method: PARTICIPATORY PHOTOGRAPHY, explaining how to incorporate photography for community building and need assessment.

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Module 5

GROWING IMPACT gives practical suggestions to educators as for how to start using digital approach in their daily work practice.

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