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Erasmus+ project Digital Participation: Encouraged to see the beauty in the world

by Signe Sander In February the first local workshops of the Digital Participation project took place in collaboration with the Gallo House, a social café in Aarhus. The participants got a chance to tell their own stories while learning new digital tools. The Gallo House is a café in the Danish city of Aarhus, but […]

Deconstructing Empowerment: How to Support Our Beneficiaries Without Taking the Ownership Away From Them

“Empowerment” has become an extremally popular concept, a buzz-word that appears in the description of almost every educational project that addresses people at risk of exclusion.  Empowering sounds great – hearing it makes us envision our beneficiaries improving their life conditions and becoming happier. But what if we have been using the concept wrong? If […]